[ExI] mitochondrial DNA repair

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Mar 15 17:23:06 UTC 2012

>... The notion of DNA repair as a life extension/health maintenance
strategy has been around for a while. In that context, I've worried about
the challenge of mitochondrial repair -- DNA and structural --
("rejuvenation", loosely speaking).  How, or if, it could be done... Jeff

No pal, this is bad.  If we figure out how to repair DNA in mitochondria,
then they are rejuvenated and become as effective in creating ATP as they
were in our misspent youth.  The result is you have all these old geezers
running around with the energy level we had when we were young, and what do
you suppose they would do with all that energy?  Yup, you know we would.
Geezers everywhere, banging each other's brains out, like we did back in
college, and of course they would compete with the teenagers, but with the
advantage of a lifetime of experience in how to talk to and how to treat
young women, as well as a ton of money from a lifetime of savings.  They
would of course out-compete the teenage boys, and what a confused world this
would become, with all that going on.

Lets do it.



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