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>>> ...Has anyone here actually eaten a bug?  I have, but it wasn’t
>> voluntarily, and I didn’t get to taste it...  spike
>>...I have eaten ants on a voluntary basis from time to time...The only
> thing I have passed on given the opportunity is snails... for some reason,
> that just makes me go EEWWW... -Kelly
> Good, that's all the more for me.  {8-]

Maybe next time...

> Where this whole thread goes is if we master the technology of controlling
> our appetite, it will be an enormous breakthrough, a species saver.

> There
> are so many materials our stomachs can handle with no problem: our digestive
> systems are open minded compared to our minds.

Clearly, that is the case.

> We can imagine putting
> together all manner of nutritious but revolting concoctions.

We do, it's called processed foods. There are all manner of algae,
kelp, etc. in processed foods. Even petroleum by products.

> One thing I
> would like to try some time is to swallow a tube and attempt to introduce
> some kind of processes material without experiencing its flavor.

It would be an interesting experiment... the primary thing I would
want to know is if you felt full afterwards... My dad told me once
that his hunger went away after intravenous feeding and that it was a
very strange feeling for him...

> Perhaps
> add spices such that it tastes familiar when we burp.  The original intent
> of spices were to cover the foul taste of meat that was a bit past its prime
> or was a more revolting cut of meat.

And, it was originally only available to the rich and royal.

> Seems like we could put some
> horrifying glop into the blender, mix it all up, add some Taco Bell hot
> sauce, swallow a tube, drain it into there without tasting it.  We could
> toss bugs in there, aardvark gizzards, rutabagas, our daily vitamins, all of
> it, and down it all goes.

What do you think Taco Bell hot sauce was originally designed to do?
Think about it.

> Perhaps we pretreat with hunger and beer?

'Hunger is the Best Sauce in the World'
     - Miguel de Cervantes


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