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This is off-topic, but have any of you heard the stories about out of
control carnivorous ladybugs that actually attacked humans?  A few
years ago outside of Phoenix, Arizona, some hikers were attacked &
bitten by malicious hordes of the insects!


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>>I went to talk to the neighbors where I found the dying bees, see if I
>> could wheedle out of them what they are spraying.  I noticed that along
>> with their lavenders, periwinkles, tulips and other decorative annuals,
>> they also had several rose bushes and I have no idea how to express that
>> sentence without sounding gay.  Roses are a ton of work if you want them
>> to produce nice flowers, along with a lot of sprays to control the
>> aphids.  Surfactants alone are usually not enough, so you usually need
>> some of the more sincere pesticides, which is why I took out my own roses.
>>Perhaps the homeowner sprayed the roses, and the bees came for the other
>> flowers and got in that rose spray, but I can calmly assure you I am as
>> hetero as John Wayne.
> Tell your neighbor to diversify his garden. Alongside his gay flowers, he
> should plant some yarrow, black-eyed susans, or golden rods. These will
> attract the mighty ladybugs, aphid alligators, and lacewings which
> shall bring about the aphid apocalypse over the entire garden, except for
> where the ants are too numerous. Ants are a force to be reckoned with, sigh.
> Although ant spray applied to the ground, probably wouldn't touch the bees.
> He could also bolster natural numbers of aphid-eaters by buying live lady
> bugs at a garden supply store but if their prefered plants aren't around,
> the mercenary insects are not likely to stick around.
> Stuart LaForge
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> thinking done by cowards, and its fighting by fools." -Thucydides.
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