[ExI] battle tanks to a five yr old

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Sun May 27 19:38:41 UTC 2012

On 27 May 2012 21:28, Tomasz Rola <rtomek at ceti.pl> wrote:

> IMHO, the men who were into war have their barriers off, and can accept
> idea that killing some establishment may improve life of nation or their
> neighbours or families. Moreover, they are able to do rather than
> endlessly talk.

One reason why in Europe a very large part of the revolutionary "right" and
an almost as substantial chunk of the revolutionary "left" had more than
mixed, meaning positive, feelings towards WWI, since they expected that the
war, while fought by the old regimes and for the old regimes, would provide
them with the troops they sorely needed to overthrow the old order of

Stefano Vaj
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