[ExI] Dark matter

scerir scerir at alice.it
Tue Feb 19 19:26:33 UTC 2013

Adrian Tymes:

> I wonder if "dark matter" is nothing more or less than stars,
> rogue planets, and the like that we have yet failed to detect,
> the properties of which are otherwise just like anything else
> of their type.  Occam's Razor.

"The distribution of luminous and dark matter in galaxies 
shows amazing properties and a remarkable systematics 
that are bound to play a decisive role in discovering the 
nature of "Dark Matter Phenomenon" and in building a 
successful theory of Galaxy Formation."

The ratios are 23-24% for dark matter, 4% for luminous matter, 
and about 73% for dark 'energy' (the vacuum 'energy' that exerts 
the pressure that expands the universe).  Dark matter is 
composed of a number of things. One candidate is the neutralino 
which is a condensate of SUSY partners of the photon, Z and Higgs 
particle. There are other SUSY partners which could play a role
as well. The other is the axion particle, which is a scalar field
from the trace of the SO(24) or SO(32) matrix. The other 
comes from variants of neutrinos. Or a mixture of all that. .

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