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On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 9:03 PM spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

>>. After getting my 23AndMe results back, I have made a

> remarkable discovery.  I went down through the list of

> relatives who came up 3rd cousins and contacted them. 

> Some have done extensive genealogy, as have I, so I know

> all 32 of my great^3 grandparents.  None of the family

> names match.  Therefore, apparently all my great great

> great grandmothers were promiscuous sluts.


>.Are you sure of the 23AndMe results themselves?


We will soon know.   I am sending them my son's DNA.  If that DNA doesn't
match about half of mine, either 23 or my bride are in biiiig trouble.


>.Also, let's say the results are accurate, is it possible some of them
might have been mothers who were widowed who remarried and had more kids?


Possibly, but this doesn't apply in my own case.


>. (That said, though, the truth is out of wedlock children and promiscuity
are not something invented in recent times. So, I'm not totally surprised.)
Regards Dan

I can see one or two of them scoring on one of the farm hands occasionally,
but to find that all 16 of them were sleazy bitches would be a shock.


The astonishing thing about all this is how this kind of knowledge
accumulates.  If you have done any genealogy in the past couple decades, you
may be astonished at how easy it has become.  For instance, I spent several
weekends in the summers of 1989 and 1990 digging through microfilmed census
records to discover my roots.  The time investment in the archives was about
120 to 140 hours or so, with about 20 trips to the National Archives in San
Bruno.  Recently I used the web and reproduced all of that in one evening
without leaving my house.  I did another family line as well, one which I
couldn't find, again in one evening.


We can easily extrapolate and realize that as more and more people do these
DNA tests, if great^3 grandma was doing one of the field hands 150 years
ago, we will not only be able to catch her sleazy ass, but we can figure out
which one she was doing when great^2 grandpa was conceived.


Is this a fun time to be living or what?



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