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Tue Jun 18 19:48:02 UTC 2013

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>...If you want to use Google search via a non-tracking site go to:

Thanks BillK, but how can we ever really know we are not being tracked?

>...I don't see why Bubba has the NSA worried. :)
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubba_the_Love_Sponge_Show>  BillK

OK a radio disc jockey, I see, thanks.  So I can imagine the authorities
using random stuff like this that sounds like of mysterious, just to see who
is scrounging around and what keywords have leaked.  Anyone who searches on
the sponge thing now likely has access to the entire list.  Now that the
list of keywords has leaked, it seems like it would be useless.  Those with
nothing to hide but are openness advocates can just append the entire list
duplicated a dozen times in white font at the bottom of every reply.

The pace of life that has developed in the past three decades has caused a
former means of secure information transmission to become functionally
useless: messages written on paper and sent thru the mail.  It is way too
slow, but it is remarkably secure.  Now all data must be transmitted thru
some means which can theoretically be collected and archived.  It is easy to
envision paper mail becoming illegal in the foreseeable future: messages
written on paper and sent thru the mail enable Episcopalian terrorists to
plot securely.

If someone is posting encrypted email, the authorities still can see who is
sending and who is receiving.

I can imagine a new form of secure communications:  a skype cam aimed at a
second computer screen with the second screen on a stand-alone computer.
The messages are sent via skype as they are typed realtime, viewed eyes-only
by the Evangelical Presybterian with no sound being transmitted, or rather
with sound; a background Beatles anthology.

Now we are learning that anyone can fall under surveillance specifically
excepting the Methodists.  The CAIR, or Council on American-Methodist
Relations, sued the feds.  Now any house of worship can be infiltrated
except theirs.  This is said to be why the Boston Marathon perpetrator
escaped attention.  He is said to have had an outburst in his church two
weeks before, where he urged his fellow Methodists that they needed to fight
the infidel non-Methodists.  The FBI missed it because they were not allowed
to do surveillance there.  Anywhere else is fair game, just not there.

I don't know what to make of that contention.


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