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Thu Jun 27 15:07:26 UTC 2013

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On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 6:56 AM, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
>>... I guess the object lesson here is that if you intend to copulate 
> carelessly, don't have geeks for cousins; they are too naïve.  They 
> expose secrets you never even told them, because your secrets hide in both
your DNA and theirs.

>...Stay home from work and watch some daytime TV.  You will realize the
average prole isn't overly concerned about consequences else they'd be more
careful either doing the deed or living with it afterward...

Ja but this isn't the average prole.  This is a prole with a lot of money.
That kind are vulnerable to lawsuits from people who have DNA which
indicates the prole sired her and never paid child support.  

I don't know what happens in those long-cold cases where the contact
occurred at a party, no commitments were made, the mother had several
similar-looking partners, so no one paid child support, then many years
later it becomes possible to determine which is the bio-father.  Can the
offspring now sue retroactively for 18 yrs of child support?  This is
legally unfamiliar territory.

>...So quit worrying about this, it's surely no good for your mental

I'll say it isn't.  The reason my previous message went out at 4 a.m. is
that this has been disturbing my sleep.  But it isn't my mental health that
concerns me, it is the financial health of my cousin, and the wellbeing of
his family.

As more and more people sign on to 23andMe, it becomes possible to discover
bio-parentage from ever greater numbers of people.  We are already to the
point where it can be done with second and third cousins, and perhaps fourth
cousins with a little detective work.  We each likely have hundreds of
fourth cousins, any one of which can inadvertently reveal your long lost


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