[ExI] 23andme again

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 15:40:56 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 4:07 PM, spike wrote:
> I don't know what happens in those long-cold cases where the contact
> occurred at a party, no commitments were made, the mother had several
> similar-looking partners, so no one paid child support, then many years
> later it becomes possible to determine which is the bio-father.  Can the
> offspring now sue retroactively for 18 yrs of child support?  This is
> legally unfamiliar territory.

Being the USA, probably the laws are different from state to state.  :)

But generally, if there was no child support order made when the child
was a minor then after 18 years old, it's too late.
The father cannot be liable for unpaid child support if no order was
made and the child is now an adult.

Backdating changes to existing child support orders is allowed by the
court and, of course, the court will enforce payment of unpaid child
support orders. (No statute of limitations applies).

> I'll say it isn't.  The reason my previous message went out at 4 a.m. is
> that this has been disturbing my sleep.  But it isn't my mental health that
> concerns me, it is the financial health of my cousin, and the wellbeing of
> his family.

Yes, I was afraid that at first you were only looking at the situation
from the POV of problem-solving to help the young lady. There are
three people involved, father, mother and child, all with rights to be

This also affects people like sperm donors who were assured anonymity.
But the transparent society is approaching fast and laws and society
will have to try and adjust.


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