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>...perpetual motion ... like looking at this:


>..."I've been looking at it for hours, it keeps moving with no visible
power source... mind=blown"  :)

Ja me too, cool!

Every time I look at this, the wheels seem to be turning to the left, as
does for my bride and my son.  Does anyone here perceive rotation to the
right?  If so, you probably immediately figured out why funeral-girl killed
her sister last week.  (Kidding bygones.)

If everyone (or at least every sane person) perceives the wheels as turning
to the left, I have an idea.  This is a computer graphic, so we could rig
this image with a script which actually rotates the concentric wheels
gradually to the right.  If we did series of these at various speeds and had
a bunch of proles gaze at them, one of the scripted right-rotating images
should exactly compensate the falsely perceived left rotation.  Then we get
to see if everyone falsely perceives approximately the same rate, or does
caffeine affect the perceived rate, or THC or alcohol.  We get each prole to
choose the image which appears to not be rotating, then take the average
rotation rate image, and show that one to people exposed to various
qualia-altering chemicals.  

Perhaps the sober people would see the image exactly stopped, the caffeiners
rotating left, the stoners rotating right.  Or it might not work that way at
all: the sobers would see the image stopped, the drunks and stoners wouldn't
care which way they turned but would enjoy the experience anyway, and the
caffeiners would be whooping ass and urging everyone to stop gazing at
computer images and get to work, forthwith.

Mike now see what you started?

Note to Brent and the qualia hipsters:  this leftward rotation is an
interesting quale, and evidence of what Gordon has been trying to tell us.
I can imagine a really humanlike AGI which would look at this and perceive
no rotation at all, regardless of how hard it tries.  You try to explain to
it that the wheels appear to turn left and all it can do is look at you in
puzzlement and make comments such as "You and funeral-girl, stay away from
me please, you make me nervous."


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