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On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 4:56 AM, spike  wrote:
>>... There is a reason why I am asking: I want to teach my son a language, 
> but I think Mandarin would require too much time and effort investment 
> when it is easy to imagine in ten years a computer could do it better 
> than humans can anyway.

>...Children should learn their second language before the age of ten...So I
would teach your son Spanish, which is immediately useful in your area and
can be practiced... BillK

That one is likely, since I can help him to a very limited extent with my
own muy poco Espaniol.   However it comes with its own problems.  Hispanic
girls blossom early and gloriously, and they do loooove blondies.  And we
love them, it is definitely a two-way street.  Knowing Espaniol makes one
extremely popular with native Spanish speakers.  Do take my word for it on
that, even if you don't buy my argument.

The other day, my son repeated a phrase little Maria, his first grade
classmate, taught him:  usted es la mujer mas hermosa en el mundo, y le amo
con todo mi corason!  

I am not an expert, but I think he said 'You are the most beautiful woman in
the world, and I love you with all of my heart.'

If that isn't what he said, it sure sounded like that.  Spanish is really
good for sounding sexy.  My fear is that if my son learns Spanish and goes
around the high school making comments like that one, he will spend his high
school years copulating rather than studying.

My notion currently is to have him (and me) learn German.  It is becoming
clearer that eventually Germany will own Europe, so it is a language with a
bright future.


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