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On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 3:03 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Ja, thanks Eugenio.  Some have been led to believe ObamaCare is universal
> healthcare or is a step towards it.  As far as I can tell, it is neither.
> It is a tax-incentive to enter the health insurance market, with a bunch of
> rules which effectively defeat the value that health insurance companies
> add.  The smoking is a good example.  Before, if you wanted health
> insurance, the cigarettes had to go.  This was a huge incentive to give up
> that habit.  Now that’s gone.
> >…Anyway, yes, you pay the smokers treatment…
> OK then, I want a lot more control over the lives of smokers, a looooot
> more.  Not just for tobacco use either, I have a list of things I want
> changed in the lives of those who get government-mandated health
> insurance.  They will not like my list.  Hey, I am paying, so I get a say
> in the matter.  Otherwise I will just pay the tax for not having insurance
> and be done with it.
> Alternately, we could keep that individual mandate and even the subsidies,
> but allow health insurance companies to do what they do so very well: take
> into account all the known factors, then estimate your health cost risks
> and charge what it costs, rather than trying to overcharge some to
> subsidize others.
control over lives

I view it being similar to how a rancher seeks control over the life of
each member of his herd.  The "health" of the individual isn't important
because of some noble philosophy but because it is a for-profit product.
Those lucky cattle that win the lottery and enjoy a grass-fed life
ultimately fetch a higher price at the market to pay for all the
aggravation entailed in the special handling.  Is my analogy disturbing?
yes, of course.  Is my attitude (and the memeplex I maintain) a function of
the environment we live in?  yes, of course.  I'll admit to being too
unhealthy to propose a less-grim perspective.

I think spike may be slightly more optimistic because he is still proposing
solutions.  I don't presume to know any.

to be honest, I feel like even ranting about it publicly is approaching
mindcrime.  As the surveillance net noose tightens, it may be declared
retroactive mindcrime.  In the meantime, you have the right to continue to
incriminate yourself.
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