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>.Recall that this same government which is collecting all this stuff is the
one which requires strong passwords and plenty of personal information just
to shop on HealthCare.gov.  In light of the ".no reasonable expectation of
privacy." comment, can anyone explain why they would have done that?  spike



OK found the answer.  This was a huge debate in the design of HealthCare.gov
from the start: whether to allow anonymous window shopping in the insurance
markets.  The short version of the story is that after much discussion, the
Fed decided to disallow anonymous insurance shopping, and defeat the
creation of pseudonym accounts.  But most of the state exchanges, faced with
the same question, decided to allow anonymous shopping.  The 14 state
exchanges that allow anonymous shopping before purchase are said to be
mostly working, but the fed site has become an epic fail worthy of its own
fail poster.  The US gov has demonstrated repeatedly that it is an
untrustworthy and incompetent recipient of personal information.  So most
people decided to not hand over that information just to shop.  Imagine



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