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Sat Feb 21 15:43:56 UTC 2015

Hi Brent

> That inability to test for or prove/falsify your claim is what makes it
> useless philosophies of men.

Many philosophies have little utility other than entertainment. And we
don't need to prove something with mathematical precision to conclude that
the possibility of it being true is so high that it's not worth the wear
and tear on valuable brain cells worrying about it being wrong,
particularly when there is zero chance of ever obtaining a rigorous proof.
In the real world we can and often do act even if we're only 51% certain
that it's the right thing to do, and my certainty is much greater than 51%
that consciousness is fundamental and a byproduct of intelligence; and
being fundamental after saying that consciousness is the way data feels
like when it is being processed there is simply nothing more to be said
about the matter. The fact that despite everybody theorizing about it on
the internet nobody, including you, has discovered anything new and
fundamental about consciousness reinforces my view that there is nothing
new and fundamental to be found.

> > You obviously don't yet understand the theoretical physical science the
> "Detecting Qualia" paper is describing.

With all due respect Brent, if I don't understand what's new and
enlightening in your paper it's because either you don't understand your
own paper or because you don't understand what's been known for centuries.
I mean, is the idea that the sensation of redness and light with a 620 nm
wavelength are not the same thing really supposed to a revolutionary

> > The paper shows how to overcome the quale interpretation problem so you
> can experimentally discover and detect what that is.

That would be the greatest scientific and philosophical discovery in the
history of the world, a discovery I would not have thought possible; but
you must be talking about some other paper because it sure as hell wasn't
in the paper I read.

 John K Clark
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