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Ivor Peter Brians ipbrians at simplyweb.net
Sun May 3 17:15:44 UTC 2015

So many geniuses throughout history had no opportunity to show their stuff,

and so many today as well, though arguably fewer never get to be heard.


I wish all the people of the future have the same privileges and advantages

that I do or at least the opportunity to have them.  Let's ALL party!


Bill W


What resonates with me is what I believe was Bill W's main point as stated
above. The practice of subjugating a group is not only harmful for members
of that group but all of society.


In the sci-fi book I am working on a sage tells a story to a young charge.
In the story a civilization on a faraway planet had squandered a natural
resource and perished when their aging star made life uninhabitable. It
takes the student a long time to guess what that resource was. It turns out
that this most valuable resource was the civilization's own people. By
marginalizing certain groups, society did not gain the benefit of all of the
civilization's geniuses. If all of their geniuses and other talented folks
had been allowed to blossom over millions of years they would have developed
the technology to leave their aging solar system.



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