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Speaking of not using the intelligence of your population, how about the
Muslims, who deny so many roles to their women?  As we all know, in the
good ol USA we have used women for a long time.  Even the grossly underpaid
secretaries functioned more as office managers and many offices could not
run without them.

I have read that the backwardness of Muslim society can be attributed to in
part by the lack of inclusion of women in their society.  I just have to
wonder if they are basically afraid of women.  Afraid that some women will
be better than the men are.  I don't know much about Muslims, so maybe
another member can fill us in here.  I don't want to make any prejudicial
statements.  Maybe they are limited by what the Koran says.  bill w

On Sun, May 3, 2015 at 1:57 PM, Tara Maya <tara at taramayastales.com> wrote:

> That’s a great theme, Ivor.
> This is also what goes through my head whenever people rant about there
> being too many human beings on the planet because our resources are running
> out. Human beings are our most important resource.
> Tara Maya
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> On May 3, 2015, at 10:15 AM, Ivor Peter Brians <ipbrians at simplyweb.net>
> wrote:
> What resonates with me is what I believe was Bill W’s main point as stated
> above. The practice of subjugating a group is not only harmful for members
> of that group but all of society.
> In the sci-fi book I am working on a sage tells a story to a young charge.
> In the story a civilization on a faraway planet had squandered a natural
> resource and perished when their aging star made life uninhabitable. It
> takes the student a long time to guess what that resource was. It turns out
> that this most valuable resource was the civilization’s own people. By
> marginalizing certain groups, society did not gain the benefit of all of
> the civilization’s geniuses. If all of their geniuses and other talented
> folks had been allowed to blossom over millions of years they would have
> developed the technology to leave their aging solar system.
> Ivor
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