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> ### It's telling what that WSJ hack sees as dangerous: High
> intelligence, physical health, white racial characteristics. Why
> doesn't she warn about the danger of a 6'4 black basketball player
> with inhuman dribbling? Why didn't she theorize about actual abuse
> that could be committed using genetic engineering of offspring - like
> making them pretty, servile, sex-obsessed, with reinforced vaginal and
> anal musculature, and STD-resistant, the ideal sex slaves? How about
> just making slaves - obedient, easy to feed, good as cannon fodder in
> future wars?
> There is something detestable about anybody who professes outrage that
> children in the future could have higher IQ and the wrong skin color.

I suspect the attempted (emphasis: attempted) implication was, "someone
ELSE'S kid could have these characteristics, but yours won't because you're
too pure/honest/ethical to do this to your kid (or maybe you just admit you
wouldn't spend this sort of money on your own child), so only the cheaters
would get this advantage".
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