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bill k wrote:  With ongoing improvements, in the future will humans prefer doll companionship?

Let's list the pros:

1 - like virgins, they can't make comparisons with other men

2 - they can be satisfied as quickly or slowly as you like

3  - Old joke:  Expensive prostitute reporting to madam:  "He was great - rich, good looking, smart, good lover.  He clearly doesn't have to pay for sex with a good-looking woman, so why?"  Madam:  "He isn't paying you for sex.  He is paying you to go home afterwards."  For many men, that sums up many assets.

4 - perfect for the agoraphobe

5 - perfect for someone who doesn't like to be touched

6 - perfect for the conversationally clueless

7- perfect for men who have a very poor body image  (25% of married people have never had sex with the lights on and with no clothes on

8 - perfect for those whose sexual performance is highly variable

(i'll leave the rest for Spike)

I have a number of them BillW, but this is a good start.  There is a reason why so many women prefer dogs to men and why so many men prefer dogs to women: dogs are so much more reliable.  They aren’t moody, they are always glad to see you.  Of course with dogs there isn’t the whole copulation thing, but other than that…

Conversationally clueless: it must be very common for two people who turn each other on (for whatever reason) to just live in two different worlds.  They don’t converse much because they cannot.  They don’t understand each other’s thought space.  The conversationally clueless are clueful when in the company of those who share a worldview.  But we Extropians, uh… we aren’t exactly… um…  the sexiest bunch you ever saw.  {8^D  If you go to a meat-world transhumanist event, you notice most of us are guys.  Once in a while, a few women stumble in.  They seldom stay long.  If you are an exception, cool, you know who you are, and I am glad you are here.  You attract transhumanist minded women.  This is a good thing.

Agoraphobe: it is far too easy for me to imagine that in the foreseeable future, plenty of people will be mostly homebound, not by fears but rather by economic constraints.  I can imagine plenty of people will not be able to afford cars or fuel to run them.  For far too many, it will be like my own misspent youth, where I was home because I hadn’t other options.

Never had sex with the lights on: it is possible that there are other reasons why people choose to copulate in darkness.  When it is sufficiently dark, the participants are with whomever they imagine.

The short version of point number 3, observed by Steinbeck: you don’t pay a harlot to get into your bed, you pay her to get out of it. 

Another one: the robot doesn’t talk to its friends.

One which might be the most important: the robot will stay at the business at hand until its owner is satisfied.








No reason that women can't prefer robots to live men either.  I'd provide a list of assets here too but will leave that for our fairer sex to tell us.  I am sure to leave things out.   bill w

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