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>…Consider the sculpture of David in Florence.  What if it fell somehow?  Could it be reproduced in tiny detail?...Of course three D images are routine, I suppose, and the resolution could take it down to the millimeter level… bill w



Ja, the tech already exists BillW.  A pair of pinpoint lasers at a known angle are moved fore and aft until they overlap, creating a 3D file at higher resolution than millimeter, although I don’t know what accuracy we would get if we tried in on something the scale of David.  You would need a super-rigid support structure for the laser theodolite.  Such a device can be found in Lockheed’s Palo Alto Research Center.  Dentists use them to create exact copies of existing dentures.


With that data file, we could 3D print David, then even put a surface on the polycarbonate copy which looks a lot like marble.  We could send an important message to the world by digitally uncircumcising him (or is it decircumcising?)  Then while you distract the guards, BillK swaps the copy for the original, sneak out the back, guards never notice until the next day when the curator shrieks and faints.  Then we take the original, him set him up at the ribbon cutting at the local nudist colony.  Oh we could have such fun with this.



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