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On Aug 14, 2016 10:04 AM, "Anders Sandberg" <anders at aleph.se> wrote:
> Which leads to a real question for the list: what are the technological
requirements for being able to do this remotely? It seems that you would
either need some form of telepresence system creating "infantry drones", or
AI running them. In both cases the infantry drones must be able to function
inside buildings, have enough sensory acuity to notice things, have the
ability to interact at least to some extent with people, be able to use
force in a graduated form (if the only option is to shoot people when you
are trying to stop a possibly domestic quarrel, you are going to be in
trouble soon).

Don't forget the (re)education tech, so those in power can learn how to
rule as the occupiers wish.  A substantial fraction of the failures of the
replacement Iraqi governments is clearly and directly attributable to their
continuing to act in tribal and corrupt ways.

(Yes, Spike, far more corrupt than Hillary.  Such a thing is possible.  You
might want to read up on how they failed.)

As to roboinfantry, look to the progress of powered battlesuits.  Once
they're working, the next step is to run them via remote control.  The main
limitation so far is power supply, but without the person inside they could
carry a lot more fuel.
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