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On 2016-07-10 22:14, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> The simplicity has led to a fair number of amateurs experimenting, 
> causing concerns among the researchers in the field. anders
> Then there was the guy who took an actual Black and Decker drill and 
> put a hole in his cranium.  I forgot what for (but I'll bet Spike can 
> think of some dillies).  Yes, he survived.  Be careful what you show 
> the public, eh?

I personally know a lady who did it. At the time she was leading the  
Trepanation Party, arguing the national health service should cover it 
since having brains pulsate freely is good and enhancing. She is doing 
fine and is today a respected part of the establishment as a somewhat 
eccentric noblewoman (this is why I love the UK).

When I took my medical engineering courses the teacher was a emergency 
surgeon, who delighted in telling us gruesome things about what to do in 
a *real* emergency. The running joke was epidural vs. subdural 
hematomas, and the entire lecture hall responded by chanting "Black and 
Decker! Wroom wroom!" doing drilling gestures. (*Proper* trepanation and 
craniotomy uses a cut-off so that the drill stops once you are through 
the bone.)

> Or my wife, who as Safety Director for a play, got a drill  and tried 
> to put a hole in her jeans.  Of course it wound up like crazy, caused 
> her to fall and break her ankle.  No, she continued as Safety 
> Director, walking around on her crutches.

Presumably she took the job seriously after the accident? Sometimes it 
can be quite helpful.

Dr Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
Oxford University

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