[ExI] Global catastrophic risk report

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> It feels like money is being tragically left unmade here.
> ### Short companies related to most alternative energy sources. Wind,
biomass, biodiesel, ethanol, they are going to be a perennial money-loser,
even as they soak up enormous amounts of crony capitalism money (i.e.
subsidies). Hold fracking, gas, consider investing in nuclear. Solar is a
bit more tricky, since here you could imagine technological developments
which could make it competitive even without subsidies (e.g. improved
efficiency, cheaper storage capabilities).

Avoid buying organic, green or fair-trade. Don't let the crooks make money
off you. Caveat: It may be reasonable to buy organic meat, milk and eggs
that are not produced from corn-fed animals.

Buying catastrophic risk bonds sounds like a good idea, especially as
related to sea level rise, hurricanes, drought, floods. It would be nice to
be able to separate bond exposure to these risks from others, especially
earthquakes, forest fire (could be more problematic with greater tree
growth that is seen), tsunami, lightning strike and others that are not
linked to climate. If there are any bonds on crop failure, buy them. Crop
failure risk may be overestimated by decision makers that forget about
carbon dioxide fertilization.

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