[ExI] spray-on armor

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue May 3 17:13:57 UTC 2016


Is this cool or what?












Let's have some good old ExI out of the box thinking on ways to use
something like this.


How about non-lethal crime deterrent: bad guy messing with your whatever is
important to you, dual nozzle attached to a remote control swivel camera,
aim, mix, SHOOM!  All over the sleazy bahstid.  Ewww, what's this shit,
gross!  Runs off. 


Hey, that's an idea: the dual nozzles mix the epoxy resin and hardener, so
we could make it to where it intentionally mixes the two-part epoxy with
excess hardener.  You guys who have used the stuff know what epoxy hardener
smells like (if you don't, get some.  One whiff you will grok immediately.)
Mixed two parts hardener to one part resin, the epoxy sets quickly (you
could even add an additional catalyst or a foaming agent) and also it stays
sticky and stinky for a long time and is very hard to wash off.  It is
neither water-based nor oil based.  A chemical reaction has taken place
(evidence, the excess heat) so a specific solvent is not clear.  No
permanent damage befalls the bad guy.  But we could arrange to solve that
problem too perhaps.  


Either way, the bad guy gets scarce forthwith, and it remains obvious for
some time afterwards that his actions were met with a sincere expression of
chemical disapproval.



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