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>>… several hundred military-grade rifles, assault weapons as they are sometimes called, and half a million rounds of ammo?  That’s all legal (in most US states), he hasn’t committed any crime with that collection or arsenal.  But he damn sure could if he chose to… spike


>….I am not sure what point you are making here…


It wasn’t about guns actually.  What we have done is have a mainstream politician demonstrate to every other politician how a politician may legally empower oneself to accept pay for favors: set up a family charity with oneself as the head, funnel investments through a Canadian charity which removes the identity of the donor, then work out a means of communications which remain private.  This act is analogous to the guy with the huge arsenal who isn’t actually committing a crime; rather he has empowered himself to do so.  The politician has enabled himself or herself to accept pay for favors, which is not the same as actually doing so.  Now they all know exactly how to do it.


>…Given my ignorance of finances I wonder what would happen if the US passed a law against using non-US banks?  Nowhere to hide money…


On the contrary sir.  Buy things, such as precious metals, collectibles and such.  Banks aren’t paying much now, and non-US banks are not safe from confiscation.  I notice the government of Cyprus hasn’t been held accountable for massive theft.


>…  I know the feds got some action from the Swiss on anonymous accounts held by Americans…


Ja, anonymous Swiss bank accounts are already illegal, and unadvisable.  But arranging to stash physical assets of some kind in a foreign nation is OK, or just buying up assets likely to increase in value.


>…I also don't follow the capital fleeing idea, but it doesn't matter…bill w


If the US government began to indicate it intended to illegally seize US citizens’ assets without due process (such as a criminal conviction) yanks would sell their holdings to foreigners and flee with the foreign currency.  The Fed has going for it that it has behaved as a law and order constitutional government for the most part.  As soon as it indicates it believes there is a legal means of seizing its own citizens’ assets, we now have a rogue government heavily armed with nukes.  This is a bad thing.




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