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​> >…​Suppose Clinton gets indicted. 


​>…The only way that could happen is if Trump wins and institutes a fascist state…


Indeed?  I mean, what if the FBI concludes there were actual yoga routines, born classified, along with clear evidence the team intentionally erased those yoga routines, and that they may have leaked.  And if this happens in the next couple months, which is a plausible scenario, then what?  That would have nothing to do with Trump.


Perhaps I should have stated it thus: what if the FBI recommends indictment, then nothing happens.  We see that the AG clearly has a political agenda and the president has a political agenda, since he already said Mrs. Clinton did nothing wrong.  Indeed?  So what happens if the FBI disagrees?  Those were the ones who actually did the investigation, so they know.  What if they recommend the AG assemble a grand jury and press charges, then the AG does nothing?



>…I'd much rather give the nuclear launch codes to a criminal than a madman…


Indeed?  How can we be sure Trump is a madman?  Is there some kind of investigation?  Are we going to assume it based on crazy comments, when we already know that stuff is mostly Hollywood, uttered specifically to get news cycle coverage?  How do we know for sure Trump is a madman, vs how do we know Clinton is a criminal?


>… Even Sanders thought calling the Clinton E-Mail server business criminal was silly…


I see, so he is part of the FBI investigation now?  How does he know it is silly?  How does he know Guccifer is lying?



​> ​

Or… Gary Johnson, libertarian.



>…I know nothing about ​Gary Johnson… John K Clark​


Nor does anyone else.  His own close family have only a nodding familiarity.  This makes an important point.  Gary Johnson does not go around making crazy comments, so… the news people don’t cover him.  Trump gets that.  News coverage is free exposure.  What if… we find out Trump really is crazy (it isn’t just an act) and that Hillary really is a criminal (Guccifer is found to be telling the truth.)  Then in about August, Americans recognize what a deplorable choice faces them.  Johnson steps out of the shadows with the obvious message: Americans, don’t do it.  Vote libertarian.  This is the one crazy weird oddball time in our lifetimes, when it just might work.





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