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>>… Vote libertarian.  This is the one crazy weird oddball time in our lifetimes, when it just might work.  spike


>…The only way Trump wins is for people to get so disgusted with their choices that they don't vote.  Trump supporters seem really gung ho, whereas Clinton's aren't so much…bill w




Hi BillW,


I am just not ready to accept that only two parties can ever be of any importance.  Consider this time: both parties had an epic fail.  We saw the federal debt go crazy, neither party even tried to do anything about it.  This ensures a default in the foreseeable.  Epic fail, both parties, just epic.


I have never voted for a Democrat for president.  In any other circumstances, this would have been the only time ever.  Then… the yahoos managed to find the exactly one person who appears worse than Donald Trump.  You know, maybe Jonathan Gruber would have also been worse, hard to say, but they must have had to dig deep to find anyone who could manage to win the Democrat nomination when we already know she broke the law with having classified email on a personal server.  I have already seen what material was leaked to the press.  I have heard contradictory remarks on the topic, some really glaring examples.


For instance, Mrs Clinton, when asked if she wiped the server, responded “What, with a cloth?”  


Everyone broke out not laughing.


The next comment was “I don’t know how it works digitally at all…”


OK then, now Mrs. Clinton is claiming her server wasn’t hacked.  When she erased the evidence of her innocence (the yoga routines) she took upon herself the burden of proving that none of that erased material contained anything that if revealed, is more serious than a charge of obstruction of justice.  I have seen zero evidence from Mrs. Clinton of the claim she wasn’t hacked.  Claims but no evidence.  I have seen pretty plausible evidence that it was hacked.


I must conclude that the FBI will come to a similar conclusion, and hand down a recommendation to the Attorney General to assemble a grand jury.  If she fails to do so, we know it is a clear example of a high crime or misdemeanor.  Recall, the FBI doesn’t have a party.


So… The Democrat party dug deep and managed to find the one person (ONE and ONLY PERSON!) who was less electable than (evolution help us) Donald Trump.


I can’t accept that there can only be two parties.  Now is the time for Gary Johnson to step out of the shadows and make his mark.





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