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Fri May 6 04:50:17 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 4:53 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> ​> ​
> Perhaps I should have stated it thus: what if the FBI recommends indictment
Let's make a bet , if the FBI
​ ​
recommends a
​ ​
ment of
​ ​
Mrs. Clinton
​ ​
before November 8 2016 I will give you $200, if they don't you only have to
give me $10.
​That's 20 to 1 odds. ​
The bet is off after
​November 8​
 because the betting market says there is a 26.1% chance
​Trump will win and if he does ​
Mrs. Clinton
​ could very well end up in a ​

I have another prediction. For the last several elections the CIA has been
giving Top Secret briefings to the Republican and
Democratic presidential candidates, if they're foolish enough to continue
that practice with Trump one of two things will happen.

1) Trump will blurt out something he shouldn't in one of his
bombastic speeches.

2) Trump will say "I know something you don't and believe me it's bad! I
can't say what it is but it's really really bad, it's so bad you wouldn't
believe it. And they don't know what to do about it, they just don't, and
​ is in a total panic about it but then women tend to panic ​when things
get tough; but I'm very smart and I can fix it. It won't be easy but I have
a secret plan to fix this secret problem. Trust me."

> >
>> ​> ​
>> …I'd much rather give the nuclear launch codes to a criminal than a
>> madman…
> ​> ​
> Indeed?  How can we be sure Trump is a madman?
​The same way you ​determine that anyone is a madman, by his actions. And
on the morning of the Indiana primary
it was not sane to call
Cruz "Lying Ted"

​and accuse his father of assassinating President Kennedy when he must have
known he already had the nomination in the bag but would need Cruz
supporters in the general election.  And only a madman would then less than
10 hours later say Cruz was a great guy who was very intelligent and had a
great future in politics. Trump also said he wasn't sure if Cruz liked him
or not, well I'm sure.

And if you don't like that example I can give you another one, and another,
and another, and another.  I would say the probability of Donald Trump
setting into motion events that lead to a civilization destroying war in
the next 4 years are far FAR higher than the odds of being hit by a
civilization destroying
​ asteroid. ​
Spike, do you really want
​to ​
​place your life in ​
Donald Trump
​'s small hands?​

> ​> ​
> What if… we find out Trump really is crazy (it isn’t just an act) and that
> Hillary really is a criminal
Then I'd still vote for Hillary
​ ​
over Trump and like it or not one of them is going to get t
nuclear launch codes.
​ ​
Gary Johnson
​ is as irrelevant as Donald ​Duck.

​> ​
> Vote libertarian.

​I'm a libertarian but I think that's very bad advice. ​

​If you need heart surgery and can't get ​the world's best surgeon are you
then indifferent if the person who operates on you is the world's second
best surgeon or just somebody who flunked out of veterinary school?

 John K Clark
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