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​>>… ​Perhaps I should have stated it thus: what if the FBI recommends indictment


>…Let's make a bet , if the FBI recommends a indictment of Mrs. Clinton

before November 8 2016 I will give you $200, if they don't you only have to give me $10. 

​That's 20 to 1 odds… John K Clark



Well John, I am not a betting man, but sure I will take you up on that one.  I won’t even whine if I lose.  We have plenty of witnesses eager to jump my ass should I offer the slightest milli-whine.  {8^D


My speculation: the meme FBI will recommend indictment to the AG before 8 November 2016 is worth more than 5 cents today.  You are offering me 200 shares at $.05, I am buying them all.


This will be a new one: you have proposed bets in the forum before, but I don’t recall anyone ever taking you up on anything.  {8-]






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