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> ​>>… ​Perhaps I should have stated it thus: what if the FBI recommends indictment
> >…Let's make a bet , if the FBI recommends a indictment of Mrs. Clinton
> before November 8 2016 I will give you $200, if they don't you only have to give me $10.
> ​That's 20 to 1 odds… John K Clark
> Well John, I am not a betting man, but sure I will take you up on that one.  I won’t even whine if I lose.  We have plenty of witnesses eager to jump my ass should I offer the slightest milli-whine.  {8^D
> My speculation: the meme FBI will recommend indictment to the AG before 8 November 2016 is worth more than 5 cents today.  You are offering me 200 shares at $.05, I am buying them all.
> This will be a new one: you have proposed bets in the forum before, but I don’t recall anyone ever taking you up on anything.  {8-]

On betting, I believe economist Bryan Caplan has an interesting approach:


I wouldn't take John's bet because I think he's right on that one. My speculation here -- which I won't bet on ;) -- is what's her name has enough dirt on many in the elite that she'll take them down with her should she be indicted. (I think George H. Smith first speculated thus. If so, I've been persuaded he's right.)

But how about betting here on things that aren't political -- such as particular scientific findings or technological outcomes?


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