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>>1.     The libertarian party cannot win.2.    In those extremely rare circumstances when principle 1 is false, principle 1 is still true. Is this really what we are saying?  


​>…The libertarian party can't win this time but ​in 4 years things could be different. ,,, John K Clark



Well John you may be right.  However… my intuition is that it is now or never for the LP.  For Libertarians to even show up on the radar at all, it needs to be a really weird election year.  This one makes 2000 look mainstream.  The argument that the Republican party will destroy itself is laughable: it already has.  It isn’t getting behind its own nominee (well, imagine that.)  The Democrat party appears to be on the verge of nominating the head of a crime family.  Sheesh, do they really think we believe that family foundation thing was all about charity?  That is as believable as those 30,000 emails about yoga routines have anything to do with yoga.  We know what stuff was.  


We know what is going on here with Trump.  He is making the argument that he knows politicians are corrupt because he has personally bought influence.  So are we to believe the buyer of political favors is bad but is not as bad as the seller?  The Clinton crime family, sheesh.  It is so corrupt, Chelsea’s baby is wanting a cut of the action.  How weird is this year?  Trump is protected from his own gaffes by his own gaffes.  There is so many of them, this is just one more silly comment.  Clinton is protected from criminal indictment by her own list of previous criminal actions for which the family somehow managed to skate around prosecution.  And after all this, Trump continues to make outrageous comments, the press reports it all, demonstrating Trump’s notion that you can get free press just by making outrageous comments, and your numbers actually go up.  Jonathan Gruber was right!  We Americans really are stupid.  Meanwhile Clinton demonstrates there is a core of people who would vote for her even if she runs her campaign from inside a prison cell.  All legal prosecution is all a vast right-wing conspiracy dontchaknow.  This woman makes Richard Nixon look like the Dalai Lama with jowls.  Trump and Clinton, sheesh.


I have to think it is now or never.  This is the one weird enough year where by some bizarre twist of events, after we watched both parties in congress work together to create the most epic fail of American history, doing little or nothing about the runaway spending with little or nothing to show for all that debt we ran up in just 16 years, after seeing both parties shattered and in disarray, this is the year, the only chance.  These leading candidates are both weak, both in legal hot water, both with obvious character flaws even to their supporters.  We can beat this time, this one single time.  We can beat them.  


We need to drop the usual paradigms.  For instance, Californians.  Plenty of them here.  Most know what is in those yoga routines, but won’t vote libertarian for fear of helping Trump.  But think about it: if you are a Californian or a New Yorker, you are freeeeeee!  If the election in either state is close enough to where your vote matters, then it doesn’t matter: the Republican has already won by a landslide if it is close in either New York or California.  Texans: if it is even close in Texas, the Democrat has already won by a landslide.  You guys are free.  Repeat that for several of the big states always assumed to be the private property of one major party or the other: your vote doesn’t count, because if it is close in your state, the party that doesn’t own that state has already won.  You are free.  In most US states, you are free to vote for your favorite.


Now, if we can somehow get the press to pay attention, just a little, this might be the year.  But I think it will be our last chance to beat the biggies.










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