[ExI] A Nobel Prize ​winner on Trump

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Mon May 9 22:26:24 UTC 2016

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> On Mon, May 9, 2016 , Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com> wrote:
> ​> ​
>> Krugman is nothing but a political hack.
> ​Are you saying defaulting on the national debt would be good economic
> policy? Are you really saying that?​?
> ​> ​
>> Back in the day he was a defender of free trade and a brilliant economist
>> who received the NP
>> And since the Great Depression no presidential candidate has been a bigger *OPPONENT
> *of free trade than Donald Trump.  Oh and Trump thinks we should boycott
> Apple because they refuse to *insert a backdoor* into
>> all
>> their products so the NSA can get into whatever they want whenever they
> want.
> ​ And it's not some leftoid saying these things, it's Donald Fucking
> Trump.​
> Are you *really* sure you want to defend this man?
> ### He is a skillful populist, a demagogue. Every demagogue bashes free
trade, it's an appeal to xenophobia that forms the backbone of most
demagoguery.  His views are unknown. He is the mystery man about town. Does
that represent a defense of Trump?

Dunno. I know that the alternative is worse. With Trump you don't know what
you get, with Clinton you know you are in deep shit. Although not as deep
as with Sanders.

Sure, Rand Paul would have been better. Ted Cruz would have been better
(and just in case you wonder, I am still an atheist). Maybe even Fiorina
might have been better. Unfortunately, the demos spoke and Trump it is.

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