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> >>… But to make somebody think that Clinton is not a felonious traitor?
> >…Takes simple observation of the facts.  She never was either a felon or
> a traitor, even before Trump came along… Adrian
> Indeed sir?  Did not Mrs. Clinton write a leaked email which explicitly
> ordered a subordinate to commit a felony?  To “…remove the security
> markings and send it unclassified…” is a felonious act, as is ordering or
> requesting a subordinate to do so, which is to commit a felony.
Did she?  I heard this was about talking points - some political speech to
be served in an unclassified context.  I have also heard she had the
authority to declassify said material.

Now, Trump (since this email thread still has him in the subject)?

I wonder, if you go back to the 2000 & 2004 elections, how many felonies
were committed on both sides?  (Suspecting those will prove more fertile
than 2008 & 2012.)
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