[ExI] Repudiating the national debt

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>>>> Patriots? Please define.
>>> ### Reasonable people who would like this country to flourish long-term.
>> IMO reasonable people should want the world or universe to flourish --
>> merely whatever country they find themselves in at the time.
> ### Well, yeah, but it's much easier to make your own country flourish
> and in fact you pretty much have to make it flourish if you ever want to
> the resources you need to fix the universe.

Not at all. One can work in smaller communities. To believe, for instance,
in the US example, that somehow 230 plus million people is a magic number
seems arbitrary, an accident of history. Also, an immediate way to improve
everyone's lives would be simple to open the borders -- allow free
migration across the borders. Then the boost in productivity would, by most
estimates be a more than doubling of the world's standard of living.

>>>> Do you mean nationalists?
>>> ### No, I mean reasonable people, not idiots.
>> I would eschew the term patriot. It is just a euphemism for nationalist,
>> especially meaning nationalists people are supposed to like.
> ### I think it's sad that manipulative hateful leftoids managed to make
> once powerful word seem tawdry.

Why believe that? The term has a long history of being used to mean
nationalists. The derivation and use of the word was just in that fashion.
This is hardly a perversion of its meaning just because of who's in the
White House now or because of so called "culture wars" during our life


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