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>…Spike, if you would read Dark Territory, as I mentioned earlier, you could put your mind to rest a bit about security of emails, phone calls, etc.  That is, unless you are so convinced of hidden plots that you cannot believe anything about what the gov does.  As I understood it, only metadata is stored - not content… 



Ja of course.  We know Snowden leaked that part about metadata, but the public also learned a term recently called SAR, or Special Access Required programs.  Snowden was not in his job long enough to have access to SARs.  Usually those tickets are granted for a special purpose to people with special skills which they are trained by their employer carefully.  This takes some time, often at least years.  Some never get to where they are valuable enough to risk issuing a SAR ticket.  Snowden had none of those spooky numbers.  Sure, we know that they only get metadata.  But can we conceive of a technology that would intercept and record more than that?  Is it technologically possible to do?  If so, and there is any motive to do it, you have the means and the motive.  No conspiracy required.  Your turn sir.


>…Changing the content of emails has been done, but to terrorist groups and war enemies, such as Iraq…


Hmmm.  What does it take to be tagged an enemy of the state?  Will posting an internet video do it?  Does it matter what is in that video?



>…  We are far too small to mess with…


How big do we need to be to mess with BillW?


>…and are US citizens to boot.  bill w


Ja.  You do know that our current government had a US citizen murdered abroad, ja?  He was a terrorist, I am not saying it was Little Red Riding Hood on her way to bring cookies to her grandmother or anything.  But he was a US citizen, with the emphasis on was.



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