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On Sep 6, 2016 11:59 AM, "Aleksei Riikonen" <aleksei at iki.fi <mailto:aleksei at iki.fi> > wrote:
>>… Sorry, but I think you'll find out that what you have this year is the
> new normal... This is what democracy looks like in an empire entering it's period of decline.

>…Yeah, I know this.  It's of course only going to get worse.  …-w


Doesn’t need to be, Will.  If people want to engage in Nadertrading, keep in mind there is a risk we might get what they asked for.  

Simple solution: instead of voting for the other party’s worst candidate, crossdressers could vote for the one most acceptable to their own party if he or she wins.  

Who would that be in this case?  I would guess Jeb Bush.  If he had won because of newly-registered crossdressers, he would be shambling about giving boring speeches about nothing, telling us how great Common Core is, and yakkity yak and bla bla, snooze.  And he would be waaaaaay ahead now, way ahead.  Reason: he wouldn’t have a tiny fraction of the scandal, he isn’t a warhawk, he isn’t any of the really scary stuff.  

Instead the crossdressers chose this wacky guy who will likely turn the upcoming presidential debates into WWE heavyweight mud rasslin’.  But there might be a downside to that: because of circumstances completely beyond his control, he might win.  We are told he is pulling even now in some polls, before the debates, before the Assange dump, before the FBI/congressional testimony reconciliation report due in a week, and being outspent 20 to 1.  How we would yearn for someone who is just a harmless zero, a dovish bland Jeb Bush, a smart outsider Carly Fiorina, any of the other 17, any.  

Crossdressers, careful what you ask for; we might get it.  We won’t like it. 

Secure the football.




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