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On Sun, Sep 18, 2016  Dan TheBookMan <danust2012 at gmail.com> wrote:

​> ​
> Giving the devil his due, I don't believe Trump advocated nuclear
> proliferation across the board.

​On March 29 2016 Trump ​was asked the following question:

*So if you said, Japan, yes, it’s fine, you get nuclear weapons, South
Korea, you as well, and Saudi Arabia says we want them,*
*​ too?*"

Trump's answer:

*Can I be honest with you? It’s going to happen, anyway. It’s going to
happen anyway. It’s only a question of time. They’re going to start having
them or we have to get rid of them entirely. But you have so many countries
already, China, Pakistan, you have so many countries, Russia, you have so
many countries right now that have them.​ Now, wouldn’t you rather in a
certain sense have Japan have nuclear weapons when North Korea has nuclear
weapons? And they do have them. They absolutely have them. They can’t —
they have no carrier system yet but they will very soon.​ ​Wouldn’t you
rather have Japan, perhaps, they’re over there, they’re very close, they’re
very fearful of North Korea*

Trump didn't specifically say he wanted a dozen countries in eastern Europe
to go nuclear but everybody knows Russia has lots and lots of H-bombs and
he did say he wanted to scrap NATO and he made it very clear he thought
Vladimir Putin was a great guy, so he must realize where that leads.

Well..come to think of it...Trump is a world class nitwit so maybe he
doesn't realize where that will lead.

John K Clark
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