[ExI] Why don't anti-Trump PACs get more creative?

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 22:49:05 UTC 2016

Trump's religious supporters are fine with him torturing somebody in ways
that are far worse than waterboarding
and murdering children
but are horrified, HORRIFIED I tell you, of the very thought that anyone
could say "fuck". Trump has said "fuck" in speeches many times but this
fact doesn't seem to have entered very deeply into the public's
consciousness. Why? One reason may be it's always bleeped, even in
Hillary's attack ad she bleeps out "fuck" when Trump says it. Why couldn't
a anti-Trump PAC make a 30 second ad showing exactly what Trump said in all
its glory with no bleeps, namely "go fuck themselves". Some TV stations
might refuse to air it because the FCC says you can't say "fuck" on the
air, but the FCC also says TV stations can't edit political advertisements
or refuse to air them because they don't like what they're saying.  If the
matter goes to court all the better, it would make great theater
the FCC government lawyers arguing that a presidential candidate
campaign speech is too obscene for the public to hear,
while free speech advocates say the
​voters have​
 a right to hear a presidential candidate without a government ordered
filter to make him sound better.

I'm not sure if the above is legal but it would certainly be moral for a
anti-Trump PAC to do
my next idea is the opposite, it is certainly legal but is not particularly
moral. Start a small anonymous PAC with a neutral sounding name (like
People for Good Government or something) and then get some Saturday Night
Live people who write those satirical fake political adds to write a
supposedly pro-Trump ad that was completely tone deaf and offensive; they
should back off a little on the surrealism so it's not obviously fake.
Being an anonymous PAC people wouldn't be sure if those who made the ad
were pro
Trump and
 or anti
Trump and clever. Either way it's a win win for Hillary and for

 John K Clark
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