[ExI] Right to Suicide

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 23:49:09 UTC 2016

 I just think doctors should be allowed to counsel people who think it's
their best option,  Chris

First, I don't think doctors should be doing an counseling at all.
Nowadays I am sure they would refer the patient or even kick them out of
their practice.

Second, successful suicides are usually depressives who are actually coming
OUT of a deep depression rather than in one.  During the deep spell they
don' t have enough mental energy to do it.

Third - it's not transitory to the victim, though we may feel that it would
have been.  More like last straw to him.

Fourth - there is no question but what I would assist my wife if she were
in terrible pain that could not be managed, and they can put me in jail or

Fifth - thought question:  is watching a person taking an overdose and
doing nothing an instance of aiding a suicide?

bill w

On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 5:48 PM, Chris Hibbert <hibbert at mydruthers.com>

>  Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> It's not as simple as that. Most people who try to suicide do it as a
>> result of a situational crisis or a depressive illness, which we know will
>> pass even with no intervention beyond keeping them from killing themselves
>> during the worst moments.
> Can you point to evidence of that? Maybe it's the phrase "try to do
> suicide". I'd be surprised to find out that people with "depressive
> illness" can get their shit together well enough to successfully kill
> themselves. I don't have as much doubt that they "try". Is there evidence
> that most successful suicides are also the result of transitory situations?
> Should we instead help all these people to die?
> I don't strongly believe that the government or medical practitioners
> should help people to commit suicide, it should just not be illegal. I
> wouldn't want to make it easy to buy a suicide kit--whatever it consisted
> of would be to easy to re-purpose as a murder kit. I just think doctors
> should be allowed to counsel people who think it's their best option, and
> it shouldn't be criminal to assist them if reasonable assurances could be
> provided to the courts that it was their choice. I think the legal
> terminology is "a rebuttable presumption".
> Chris
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