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>>… it might eventually become illegal for those with mental health issues to bear arms as well.  Result: if one wishes to protect that right, one cannot risk a professional visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist.




>…Shotguns too?  


We don’t know.  Prohibitions for felons include anything that goes bang.  But if we do keep talking about making it illegal for the mentally ill to bear arms, then it makes mental illness functionally equivalent to a crime.  At least some of those who need them will stop seeing the psych doctors.


>…In most states the psychologist has the same confidentiality agreement as the psychiatrist…bill w


Ja.  Those with clearances were required to self-report those visits.  Seeing a psych doctor was not grounds for suspension of clearance, but failure to report it to the security office definitely was.  Result: in spite of what we were told, we knew to power thru it on our own if possible.  


I know guys who did visit mental health pros and kept their tickets (the security people are humans too) and I had one friend who finished himself off using a motorcycle at 180 mph.







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