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On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 10:07 AM, Mark Walker <markalanwalker at gmail.com>

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> what I call the second law of production where the means of production get
> cheaper and cheaper. Think of nanobots as being the means of production.
> The cost to product more means of production is zero within a rounding
> error.

​Yes, it's only a matter of time before the Nanotechnology revolution
happens. I only wonder which technology will happen first and bring on the
singularity, Nanotechnology or Quantum Computers.  Or maybe something else
will bring on a very different type of singularity much sooner; as I write
this Donald Trump will place his finger on the nuclear button in 75 minutes.

> In my book on BIG, I argue that in the future it will be a tie between
> capitalism and communism. It will be capitalistic in the sense that the
> means of production will be privately owned,

Owned? Nanobots can make more Nanobots so humans will not own them and
there would be no economic reason they'd even want to, as Nanobots would be
literally as common as dirt and, as you say, the sale price of the stuff
they make would be zero to within a rounding error.

> >it will be communistic to the extent that the free market as we know it
> will disappear.

Well... post singularity events can not be predicted, that's why it's a
singularity, but I do know that the amount of matter and energy available
will be huge but not infinite so some means will still be needed on how
resources will be allocated. The market works pretty damn well at that sort
of thing, although nobody knows exactly how it will work in those exotic
circumstances. And I certainly hope there will still be a free market of

John K Clark

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