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>…but think it over, and realize that if we don’t need to carry an ape, even a young one, a tiny frame could be wrapped around a powerful engine, low to the ground, light, stretched just enough to keep the front end on the ground as it powers out of the turn.  I can imagine these little things hitting insane speeds, a pocket-bike-scale frame with a really sincere hyperactive half-liter racing engine retrofitted.  Something like that would get us to tire material limits with perhaps even less money than a stock production bike… spike




Oh wait, never mind, someone’s already thought of it:



This photo isn’t very good but I think I recognize that engine as a liter-class rice-burner from about mid 80s, the GSXR series Suzukis, not state-of-the-art now of course but still 100 horsepower or better and very cheap.  Custom stretch frame like this one, average shadetree mechanic with a welder could build one, small wheels, lose the seat, put a gas tank aft of that crazy engine, and there you have it, way low frontal area, low weight, more horsepower than your tires can deliver to the track.  We supply a kit with the actuators and most importantly the software I don’t know how to write, we’ll make a great team, we’ll be rich and famous.  You can be famous, I’ll take care of rich.




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