[ExI] moral certitude

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 21:48:15 UTC 2017

I read today where Americans are running around the world preaching
democracy.  Nothing new there.  It certainly is the basis of a few of our

At the same time I read where China is building harbors and airports for
other countries.  With our money, in effect.

Now which strategy is going to work in the long run to win friends and
influence people?

We have long been preaching while doing things that are the height of
hypocrisy and open and obvious for all to see.  We have ignored minority
rights since slavery, then Amerindians, then women.  We have interfered or
tried to, with other countries' governments, using assassination  and
arming rebels.

Is it any mystery why we have a rather poor reputation around the world?
Maybe this administration could put a stop to this.  Get out of wars, stop
preaching.  We'll see.  Maybe we are just not worthy of our magnificent
Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Republicans are afraid of what Trump is doing and going to do to the
party's basic doctrines, and I hope he does.  He may have more trouble with
his own party than with the Democrats.  I hope he does.

 He may wreck the political process as it is currently practiced and that
cannot be anything but a good thing.

bill w
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