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> Hyperbole much on the Nuremberg comment?

A man running for president whipping a mob into a frenzy chanting "LOCK HER
UP!" doesn't chill your blood when the "her" in question is his political
opponent?  ​And a man
running for president
​ who says he will respect the results of the election only if he wins
doesn't remand you of somebody who lived about 80 years ago? ​

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> And I still haven't heard a suggestion from you on how to alleviate that
> wealth gap that doesn't involve forced redistribution (I include taxation
> under this umbrella since it is conducted at the barrel of a gun).

​I think reducing the wealth gap is impossible without taxation, and
I agree that taxation is impossible without at least the shadow of a gun,
and I think that is not compatible with
classical liberalism dogma
that I have believed in for
 of my life
But I am even more certain that
the ever accelerating wealth gap is not compatible with the continuation of
civilization. Therefore a choice must be made. I choose

And I have to say, if we are going to have any hope of surviving the
Singularity we're going to have to make bigger compromises that that.
​That Singularity will change everything.​

John K Clark
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