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> I didn't take his comment about not respecting the results of the
> elections seriously

​I sure did! I think Trump would have caused as much stink as he could if
he lost, but as just another citizen his power to cause trouble would have
been limited. But now he's the most powerful man on Earth. What's going to
happen in 2020 if he doesn't like the election results?    ​

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> I did not see a coup or civil war coming out of it.

​There is one ray of hope, the man is just not very bright. A successful
coup would need the help of the intelligence agencies and the fool has
managed to made enemies of every single one of them.  ​

​> ​
> I do agree with you that once it becomes apparent that the Singularity is
> actually happening that radical compromises will be necessary.

When it
becomes apparent that
we're already in the
it will be far too late to do anything except hang on and hope for the
best. But we're not at that point yet, although
​both ​
the singularity and the accelerating wealth gap have the same root cause,
improvements in technology. And this is just the tip on the iceberg. We
simply can't treat it as business as usual and expect to survive. And if
that means some libertarian dogma needs to be changed so be it; ideas I
would have vigorously defended just a few years ago I just can't do
anymore. They worked then, but not now.
​ ​
John K Clark
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