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>…we can be the very first lifeforms in the history of life on this planet to know the answer to the burning question: what is the aspect ratio necessary to make a nanogeezer land on its square base 20% of the time?  Philosophers have puzzled over this for millennia.  The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.  Spike




Well damn.  We hardcore empiricist philosophers have suffered a setback.  I rolled those nanogeezers a bunch of times and came back with results I didn’t understand.  So I posted to my collaborator and guy who made these on a printer.  We eventually figured out that the anomalous results were caused by the way a solid object made on a 3D printer isn’t really solid.  It has solid fill surfaces but its interior is more like a plastic foam.  This impacts its center of mass.  It isn’t clear that a 3D printed solid object can be made truly solid: this technology might not get us there.


All is not lost however, for I came up with an idea: we could 3D print nGs of various sizes, then use those to make negatives, perhaps by using bondo (body putty.)  Mix the bondo, stab the nanoGeezer into the soft bondo, it hardens, drill and tap a hole in the nanoGeezer, extract, now we have a mold of exactly the right dimensions.  Light coat of some kind of mold release, such as furniture wax, pack soft bondo in the negative, hope the thing comes back out afterwards (might put it in the oven or something.)


In the meantime, I have ordered another set of 20 nanoGeezers.





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