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On Tue, Mar 28, 2017  Dan TheBookMan <danust2012 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> As I asked before, you'd have to do a little more analysis, such as
> looking at historical rates of longevity.

​The USA has gone backward. In 1960 the USA had the 16th longest lived
people, in 2015 they had the 31th longest lived.


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> you wouldn't want to bet people's lives on just taking a statistic out of
> context, would you?

​The average cost verses average ​life expectancy is not a
out of context
​ statistic, and yes I'd bet my life on that.​

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> Have you also looked at nations that have shorter than the US life
> expectancy to see if they all don't have single payer systems?

​What could we learn from that? You'd expect countries that spend less on
healthcare would have shorter lived citizens
and every country in the world spends less than the USA, the
​big ​
surprise is the 30 countries that spend significantly less but live longer,
and it is from them we should look. ​

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> I'd also be careful of accusing people of being emotionally attached or
> ideologically driven when they disagree with you.

​Be honest Dan, if the 30 single payer countries I mentioned spent twice as
much on healthcare as the USA and yet their citizens had shorted lives than
the USA would you be complaining about
 sampling errors
​ and​
​ ​
​ bias? We both know you wouldn't. ​

 John K Clark
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