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>> "I ask myself if I were a moral monster but smarter than Donald Trump
>> (as almost everybody is)"
> * ​> ​The mental gymnastics here are hilarious. Somehow a dumb person
> managed to: 1. Turn $1 million into a $multi-billion fortune.*

Yes Trump claims he only got a  $1 million loan from his father and that
was it, but lying for Trump is like breathing. In reality Trump inherited
 at least 40 million dollars from his daddy in 1974. Since 1974 the S&P 500
has gone up 74 fold, if he had put his inheritance into a simple S&P index
fund and reinvested the dividends and then just sat on his hands and did
nothing today it would be worth 3.4 billion. When Trump announced his
presidency in 2015 almost no independent analyst thinks he was worth
anywhere near 3.4 billion, although today I wouldn’t be surprised if he was
worth 10 or 20 times that.
Being president can be very profitable.

> ​> ​i
> n contrast, nearly 1/3 of lottery jackpot winners go bankrupt,

Trump invested heavily in Trump Castle in Atlantic City; about a year after
it opened Trump Castle filed for bankruptcy. And Trump didn't just invest
in real estate, Trump invested in Eastern Air Lines, soon after that
Eastern Air Lines went bankrupt. Trump invested in the United States
Football League, but people would much rather watch the NFL; so when he
couldn't beat them in the free market Trump went to the courts and claimed
the NFL was a monopoly. Trump won his lawsuit and got triple damages too;
the jury awarded him one dollar, so with triple damages his grand total was
three dollars. Very soon after that the United States Football League went

> ​> ​
> and none are in the Forbes 400.)

​Trump wouldn't be on the Forbes 400 either is he had told the truth, but
truth is a foreign concept to Trump:​


> ​> ​
> *Next, become a reality TV star.*

Honey Boo Boo
​ was also a ​
reality TV star
​ and I have no doubt would make a better president. ​

*​> ​Along the way, marry and have children *

​His 3 oldest children are worthless creeps, I make no comment about his
youngest two.​

> *Get elected President despite​ [...]*

​Get elected president despite not receiving a majority of the vote of the
American people nor even a plurality.​

​> ​
> 3. Maintain an approval rating in excess of Obama's


> ​> ​
> 4. Achieve 2.9% GDP growth

Obama achieved 2.9% GDP growth too and he inherited the worse economic
disaster since 1929. Jimmy Carter was not reelected because people felt the
economy was a disaster, but he actually got 3.3% GDP growth. And by the
way, Bill Clinton achieved 3.9%.

> ​> ​
> *- and rising*

​How the hell do you know what the future will bring?​

> ​> ​
> - via renegotiating trade agreements disadvantageous to the USA

Disadvantageous to Trump personally and his rich buddies, but I prefer the
free market, at one time among other things being Extropian meant being in
favor of free markets because it is clearly the most logical economic
policy to have and Extropians considered logic a virtue, but those days are
sadly gone hence this list was overwhelmingly in favor of Trump in 2016,
perhaps a bit less now but I’m not sure.

​Believe it or not I even remember when extropians thought a
balanced budget was important, but now its only important if a democrat
is president.   ​

 ​*> ​**despite repeated taunts like "What magic wand do you have? Those
jobs aren't coming back" from previous Presidents.*
​Do you really think coal mining jobs are coming back?​

5. End the Korean War

What on earth are you talking about?! Trump hasn't ended anything yet. If
somebody as smart as Obama or Bill Clinton were going to talk with the
leader of North Korea I would be filled with optimism, but with somebody as
brain dead dumb as Trump I am filled with dread. I know Kim Jung-un will
outsmart him, I know it will be bad I just don't know how bad. It could be
as disaster. I don't see how anybody who watched Trump's incorrect ravings
on Fox And Friends a few days ago and still be hopeful about the future. I
admit it, I'm scared.

> ​> ​
> *I'm sure John Clark knows *much* more about what caused North Korea's
> primary test site to collapse than the entire military intelligence complex*

No I sure the CIA knows far far more details about the collapse than I do.

> ​> ​
> and the President

But I'm also sure I know more about it than the president.Yes all the
details about it would be in The President's Daily Briefing Book but unlike
every other president its well known that Trump won't read it and prefers
to learn about the state of the world from the boob tube, more specifically
from Fox And Friends and Sean Hannity's show on the American equivalent of

*​>​ **Anyone who thinks President Trump is stupid*
> *​ *[...]*​*

Anyone like Trump's Secretary Of State who called him a "fucking moron"?
Like Trump's National Security Adviser who think he's a "idiot" and a
"moron with the intelligence of a “kindergartener”? Like Trump's Chief of
Staff who also thinks he's a "idiot"? Remember these are Trumps own people
that he picked himself that see more of him than anyone and know him best.

​> ​
> *the inevitable consequence of the "Trump is stupid" argument is that he
> was elected because of stupid people*

Yep, that is an entirely logical argument and I agree with you entirely.

> * ​> ​Personally, I think that redirecting NASA to ACTUALLY EXPLORE SPACE
> and GO TO MARS is far more of interest to this mailing list,​ ​which is
> still theoretically Extropian.*

Trump is the most anti-science president in the history of the country. A
year and a half into his presidency and Trump still hasn't nominated
anybody to fill the position of National Science Adviser. Trump wanted to
reduce the National Institutes of Health by 22% and reduce the The National
Science Foundation​ by 30%. and a 16% cut in the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration they're the people who tell you if you're about
to be hit by a hurricane or a tornado. Trump wants to cancel the WFIRTS
space telescope and just a few days ago he did cancel the polar lunar rover
that was going to look for underwater water and hydrogen on the moon which
you're really going to need if you're serious about space exploration.
Obama chose Steven Chu to be Energy Secretary, Chu is a former Nobel Prize
winner in physics. Trump choose Rick Perry to be  Energy Secretary. Perry
is the former hillbilly governor of Texas who wants to cut energy R&D by
15% and kill the Advanced Research Agency entirely. Vaccines have saved the
lives of hundreds of millions of people but in the face of all
scientific evidence to the contrary Trump insists that there are “many
cases” of children who became autistic after receiving vaccinations.

Finally as a Trump fan I really want to ask you something, when Trump was
campaigning and said Mexico was going to pay for that idiotic wall did you
actually believe him? If your IQ was greater than your body temperature in
degrees centigrade you couldn’t have, but that immediately raises another
question. Why don’t you get mad when somebody lies to you?

 John K Clark
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