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> *​>​Isn't the Turing test just whether people can tell it's a person or a
>> computer?*
> ​Yes.
>> ​> ​
>> *It seems to this psychologist that that is a very low bar to get over.
>> People believe what they want to believe and are easily fooled.*
> But in this case the people
> ​​
> didn't even know they were in a test, they just assumed they were talking
> to a human. And the machine did a better job making a reservation to the
> Chinese restaurant than I could have done; with the thick accent and
> elliptical phrasing I had great difficulty understanding what the human was
> trying to say, but obviously to the computer it was clear as a bell.
>> ​>* ​*
>> *I'd like to see a more meaningful test.*
>> Like what? All Turing is saying is that we should  judge how intelligence
> a computer is the same way we judge the intelligence of other people, by
> behavior. And I have to say that in this case the computer demonstrated
> more intelligence than I have because I would have been constantly saying
> "I don't understand what you're saying please repeat it".
> John K Clark​
didn't even know they were in a test

Now to me, that means that they will be very unlikely to suspect anything,
unless something really dumb occurs.  I'd like to see that test done over
with people knowing beforehand.

I still say that getting into a restaurant and not noticing that a computer
is doing it is no judge of people's intelligence.  If you want to call that
intelligence in a computer, OK by me.

Are there any types of reasoning that computers cannot do at all?  Seems
that would be a better test by far.  I know AI can do induction (GOLEM)

bill w​

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