[ExI] The Turing Test

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> *​>​Isn't the Turing test just whether people can tell it's a person or a
>> computer?*
> ​Yes.

Actually, it's supposed to be a person determining which of two entities
it's interacting with is a computer.

​> ​
>> *It seems to this psychologist that that is a very low bar to get over.
>> People believe what they want to believe and are easily fooled.*
> But in this case the people didn't even know they were in a test, they
> just assumed they were talking to a human. And the machine did a better job
> making a reservation to the Chinese restaurant than I could have done; with
> the thick accent and elliptical phrasing I had great difficulty
> understanding what the human was trying to say, but obviously to the
> computer it was clear as a bell.

That's not a Turing Test at all.  The tester has to be actively trying to
make that determination.

​>* ​*
>> *I'd like to see a more meaningful test.*
>> Like what? All Turing is saying is that we should  judge how intelligence
> a computer is the same way we judge the intelligence of other people, by
> behavior. And I have to say that in this case the computer demonstrated
> more intelligence than I have because I would have been constantly saying
> "I don't understand what you're saying please repeat it".

Yeah, and superhuman abilities are one thing that I, as a Turing Tester,
would use to identify the computer. :-)

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