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>>…Let's ignore the assault allegations …


>>…The reactions he gave to those questions should give you all you need to sufficiently judge his character.




>…Ja to all…


>…Cool fortunes are being made over on PredictIt, none of them mine.  Dammit.  Spike




Something good is coming of all this methinks.


If the perjury charge is pursued, it is easy enough to foresee the same logjam: hairsplitting over the definition of drinking to excess, lack of witnesses documenting blackouts etc, none of which are likely to rise to the level of evidence needed for a conviction on a criminal case.  A convincing case could be made that this candidate was a drunk (which isn’t a criminal offense) but at the same time that evidence is insufficient to establish perjury (which is a criminal offense.)  Criminal charges presume innocence and require criminal prosecutor-level evidence.


So again we have criminal-level accusations with job-interviewey evidence.


Here’s the good part:


In our world today, eeeeeeverybody is carrying cell phone cameras.  We can be sure that wild college parties are still happening, at Yale, at Harvard, at everywhere (and I see those two places as among the biggest losers here (your mental picture of Yale changed (so has mine.)))  


So, we can now fully expect that the level of evidence expected is now a video.  Any verbal accusation will go straight to the trash can (which is where it belongs if it is a criminal accusation with only that level of evidence.)


I hafta see this as a good thing overall.  More cameras mean more people acting in a more circumspect manner.  Cops are more likely to behave themselves, belligerent drunks can be documented with time-stamped video, plenty of important people will start to carry personal recording cameras, which will catch more bad guys and exonerate more good guys.


It’s all good.  Our own loss of privacy has its upside: the bad guys lose privacy too.



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